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Matt and Kelly Swallows . “We enrolled our German Shepherd puppy, Titan, in Matt & Christie’s Puppy obedience class in the Summer of 2008 and continued our training with Thunderhawk Canine for both Basic and Intermediate classes. Titan obtained his Canine Good Citizen designation through Thunderhawk and we plan on doing additional Therapy and Trick training in the future.

We are so grateful to Thunderhawk Canine that we have even labeled Matt and Christie as Titan’s “stepparents!”  We feel the puppy training started Titan off on the right foot (or paw!) towards being socialized with other dogs and therefore he has never shown any sign of aggression towards other animals or people – we give Thunderhawk credit for that fact.

We have been so incredibly lucky Thunderhawk is Titan’s ‘home away from home’ if we have to be out of town. The anxiety of leaving Titan is nonexistent thanks to Thunderhawk.

Titan has been an extremely happy participant in Doggy Daycare with Thunderhawk twice a week for several years and we have been THRILLED! They pick him up before we go to work, and he is dropped off when we get home from work tired out and happy! A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.

I have called Christie day and night with veterinary questions when Titan had medical issues.  She answered every question I had and came to the rescue countless times to ease my mind.

For anyone with a dog, whether a puppy or adult, it is so crucial to enroll your four-legged loved one in Thunderhawk’s training program because it teaches socialization and positive reinforcement and discipline. So many people tell me their dog is ‘not good around other dogs.’  Thanks to Thunderhawk, we never have to utter those words because our dog is better off because he received positive training and exposure to other dogs during training and daycare at Thunderhawk.

Titan isn’t the only one who received excellent training – Matt and Christie taught us, the owners, how to become better parents to our pet.  This leads to a higher quality of life for our dog. We cannot thank Thunderhawk Canine enough for all the time, effort, love and attention they have provided our pup Titan – we can truly say our German Shepherd is amazing around all animals, babies, children, adults and the elderly, all thanks to the training and socialization Thunderhawk Canine has provided. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  We have never met two people so dedicated to not only their own animals but also to the animals they help train, board, and exercise.”

 “Impressed. I was traveling to see family in Cookeville and didn’t want to leave my dog behind. When my dog didn’t get along with my dad’s, we didn’t know what to do. We were very impressed with with this places flexibility in hours…. 
Samantha Hanna

“Thunderhawk Canine is AWSOME! My experience at Thunderhawk was AWESOME!!!! My dog was so very happy when I picked him up. He got time out of his kennel at least twice a day and that is part of the package…..”
Pam G