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Vrijheid’s Emiliano


Rusty - HAS BEEN SOLD Congratulations to the TN Highway Patrol


Born 4/12/2009 Rusty is a UKC registered Dutch Shepherd from lines with a very high percentage of working police K9 and Schutzhund dogs. He has been trained to bite a sleeve and suit, and has solid hunt drive. He was raised in a house with children, and is very social. He only lacks defensive work to make a truly nice bite work dog. He weighs about 75 pounds and has a very intimidating look. Rusty is suited for many different venues. Rusty has now been started on narcotics detection and is indicating on all trained odors. He will be finished as soon as his passive alert is perfected.


See http://www.dutchshepherds.us/litters/e-litter/ for pedigree information he is out of the "E" litter


Price - Subject to training