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We try to ensure proper placement for all our dogs. This list changes constantly, and all dogs are normally sold on a first come first serve basis. Holds can be placed on a dog for a short period for qualified buyers, and at the approval of ThunderHawk Canine. We don't believe in surprises, and always prefer clients to test the dog for themselves. Videos can be provided, but can sometimes be misleading. We do not edit our videos content, except for time when necessary. Prices vary based on dog and level of training.

Puppy - We currently have a limited amount of puppies that are available born 7/5/13. Both parents are strong working Dutch Shepherds. Visit ThunderHawk's/Northwoods K9 Dutch Shepherd Facebook Page to to see the various adventures and activities of puppipes from previous litters.

Green Dog - Police K9 - ThunderHawk Canine keeps back a certain number of dogs from each of our litters to be raised with stong foundation. Green dogs can be expected to have hunt, retrieve, bite and tracking foundations started.

Finished Police K9 - Finished K9s recieve training based on the needs of each department. ThunderHawk Canine's Police Dogs can be trained on narcotics (we are DEA lisenced), explosives, tracking, apprehension, obedience, agility, artical indication or any combination.

Executive Home Protection - All Executive Home Protection Dogs are picked exclusively for thier sound temperament and health. They are raised in a home, trained in obedience and taught whatever level of protection training is needed by the client. Dogs are delivered to your home, and a Certified Trainer will work with you and your family to ensure success. Our fully customized dogs offer a level of security that alarm systems and weapons can't provide. Your dog can respond before the police can. Because of the very specific needs of each client, all exectutive home protection dogs are handled on a case by case basis. Email for available dogs, pricing and details.

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quality and Health standards

Our dogs are second to none in Health and temperament. We diligently screen and test our dogs for any physical or temperament defects. We stand behind our product and strive to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. We believe that "nerve" is most important when it comes to breeding dogs for the work our dogs are expected to be able to perform. We believe that a dog can be well rounded, therapy dog and patrol dog at the same time. A balanced dog does not bite their handler or anyone else without cause or command.