Pet Dog Training Programs

ThunderHawk Canine is a full service training facility. Our programs include private sessions, group classes and Board 'N Train options. We can help you address the most simple training issue or the most complex behavior disorder. Our methods include pure motivational teaching, coupled with added distraction to get the consistency and reliability that you desire. Our goal to to help you create a dog that is happy, non-stressed and loves to work with you.

Group Classes

All of our group classes are taught in conjuction with Tractor Supply Company in Cookeville, TN. Whether you are raising the perfect puppy, in need of good manners, looking to spend some quality time with your four-legged family OR training for therapy dog certification - we have a class for you. Check out our Class Schedule for descriptions and start dates of our large variety of fun classes!

Private Sessions

ThunderHawk Canine's private sessions are geared to fit into everyone's schedule and be very affordable. Often times, our pets exhibit behaviors that would be best addressed one on one. If you cannot make the group class, we can teach the skill sets in a private setting. Sessions conducted at our facility cost just $40. Sessions are scheduled Wednesday or Friday from 11am to 8pm. Call 931 858-7091 for availability or to schedule an appointment.

Agility Training

For group classes or private sessions to meet all of you Agility needs, check out Agility Acres here in Cookeville, TN.

In-Board Training

"Every interaction is a teaching interaction - so what is your dog learning right now??" Consistency is the number one tool in effective dog training. By having ThunderHawk Canine provide a consistent learning environment for your pet, they experience less confusion and much faster results. Our In-Board Program starts at just $50 per day, per dog.

Our complete basic training package includes 4 weeks of basic obedience training (if these skills take longer it is at no charge to you). Skills such as sit, down, sit stay, down stay, place and loose leash walking are the basics taught. A solid off-leash recall and place command are also taught. All in-board dogs live in our home, so we also cover fundamental skills in appropriate dog interaction such as feeding time, and respectfull greetings "no jumping". We pair this with free follow up private sessions to transfer the training to you after your dog has been finished, which is key to our success.

For our local area clients the price of this package is $1200.00 and includes training, boarding, remote training collar, "place" platform and follow-up. Additional skills can be added on an "as needed" basis.

For our Out of State clients the price of this package starts at $2500.00 with potential changes to length of stay depending on where you are located. Extra cost is to cover travel time and cost associated with returning the dog to you and ensuring success.

Training at the daily rate of $50 per day can be used for shorter durations to address specific skills. Pre-evaluation is required to create a training plan before intake. Examples of some of our additional skills include, recalls, place command, formal heeling, remote collar training, and foundation housebreaking skills. If you have a specific need just ask.

Whether you are looking for a complete obedience package, or just some educational time while your family vacations, every dog thrives in the In-Board Training Program!

Personal or Sport Protection Training

Personal Protection 
The goal of personal protection is to teach dogs how to recognize a threat towards their owner or handler and refine a dog's natural protective instincts to provide a controlled defense for owners and their property against personal assault or burglary. This does not change the personality of the dog. The dog's behavior is the same towards your children as well as your guests.

Dog Sports
Dog sports take training to a whole new level. We have successfully competed in multiple venues, as well as Judge and Decoy. If you are looking for something to do with your dog, maybe protection sports are for you. Dogs must be evaluated for proper drive and temperament before any protection work can be done. Obedience and control is our number one priority at all times.