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The Dutch Shepherd Dog


The breed standard disposition for this dog: affectionate, obedient, tractable, alert, faithful and reliable. The breed standard also mentions “intelligent expression and lively temperament”.

The Dutch Shepherd is a high-energy, intelligent dog which requires a great amount of daily exercise. Lack of exercise can result in boredom and destructive behavior. They do best in a household with assertive people to give them leadership, consistency and guidance. Dutch Shepherds can be territorial and protective of their property and family.

The short-haired Dutch Shepherd is used extensively throughout Europe and the United States as a working dog, primarily in police service, including search and rescue. Dutch Shepherds are increasingly popular with police agencies because they are a healthy, smart, and athletic dog that can do any job that is put in front of them.


Dutch Shepherds are very active dogs. They have a strong “work ethic”, constantly wanting to work and move. Thus it is exceptionally suited for all types of dog sports, particularly Schutzhund, Ring Sport, PSA, Service Dogs Of America, Competitive Obedience, Agility, Fly ball, and sheepdog trials.

Our vision for the dogs we produce:


We believe that if your dog is not capable of being with you in all situations then it is worthless as a protection dog. Our dogs must posses the confidence to be social in all situations, as well as have the desire to protect when the need arises. We fully expect our dogs to be capable of being Therapy dogs, or Patrol dogs. This is the same dog, just trained to apply itself for a specific purpose. We do expect that even though our dogs are high energy when working that they posses the ability to turn it off when not working. This is a special dog, but our success rate far exceeds the majority of breeders averages. We strive to produce litters with over 90% working quality puppies that are suited for any purpose from Pet to Protector.




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